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9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth, with encouragement, in  loss and grief of loved ones. trust in God.Welcome To
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9/11 WINGS OF EAGLES is focused on reaching and encouraging the hearts of people with hope to trust in God again. "9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth" is a 9/11 Tribute in word to the memory of the ones who lost their lives in the tragedy on that day of September 11, 2001. A 9/11 Tribute in word to the family members, loved ones, friends and people who suffered great loss, devastation and grief that day and every day since that tragedy. A 9/11Tribute in word to the brave who marched into devastation to reach out to those who needed help regardless of the cost knowing that they were not coming back out of the tragedy but gave their lives for others. A 9/11Tribute in word to the people of our nation and the people of the 90 nations that this tragedy touched.

This website is a place of memorial for people to come and read about hope, courage and love. A place to be encouraged and strengthened with love after loss and devastation, especially the ones who have lost family members and loved ones on 9/11/2001. Also reaching out to others who have lost their family members and loved ones due to terrorist attacks and tragedies throughout the nations. Reaching out to many with a message of love to trust in God.
America has always cast its bread upon the water and this is why our nation has become a place where everyone wants to come. This site will also be a place of refuge and love reaching out to other victims of terrorism throughout the nations and their families and loved ones casting our bread upon the waters reaching others throughout the nations with words of encouragement, strength, love, healing, hope and restoration. With a message to trust in God and to keep our eyes and hearts upon God. We need to pray for those who have lost loved ones, those who have been injured and those who have lost everything in the chaos of terrorism. God came to give life and life more abundantly. It is evil that comes to kill, steal and destroy and terrorism is evil.. We must not fear! We must trust in God!

I pray that God will heal your wounded hearts and your grief. When a broken piece of bamboo is placed in the water it starts to root again with new growth. Place your heart in the waters of God and let Him comfort you and love you.Some healing comes fast and some healing takes months and some healing takes years but whatever road of healing you are on know that God loves you and He cares for you! 

If you can help with any suggestions I would be very grateful, you can email me at teryl@911wingsofeagles.com

No matter how deep the valleys of sorrow or the mountains of loss or the devastation or grief tragedy causes, we must continue on the path of life that is set before each of us this day as a survivor,family member, loved one, friend, neighbor, people, nation and nations.We must reach out to our neighbors even in our grief, loss and devastation. For it is only then our dark clouds of sorrow, loss and devastation will spring forth as noon day.

If we look back into time itself, reflecting the time from September 11, 2001 until now, you will see the reflection is not your own of time but something greater than your own reflection for it is God Almighty reflecting His Light upon the steps you have taken to arrive at this time today. You could not of done it on your own and many know this who have suffered great loss, devastation and tragedy.

Our nation has always cast it's bread upon the water reaching out to those in need across the oceans. Even though our nation became broken at this tragedy on September 11, 2001 with  great loss of life, grief and devastation, if we Trust In God, He will heal our broken hearts and  brokenness for their is healing in His wings.

As a people and a nation we must never put greed, hatred, riches, jealousies or possessions above human life, we must never forget that life itself is more precious than fine gold. May we never forget to Trust In God! Our national motto is, "In God We Trust." We must not loose our Trust In God no matter how much loss we suffer, or how much grief we have to bear, or how much devastation we have suffered as a family member, loved one, survivor, friend, people, nation or nations. If we Trust In God He will lift us up again and again.
9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth
Is now available on a T-Shirt
In memory of the ones who lost their lives on 9/11/2001
September 11,2016
Available in black or white
Part of the proceeds of the sale of this T-Shirt will be going to a 9-11 Charity to help keep the memory of the ones who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.

A lady dying of terminal cancer recently told me, "to live my life to the fullest, make the best of it and have a happy life.". 

While another aging lady told me, "to make memories because that is all we will ever have when we get old, is memories of our loved ones."

A older man said, "do what you have to do now before you can not do anything anymore because of your body getting old and not being able to do anything."

Recently A man told me to cherish life each day we have here and to be thankful for your health and families health everyday. You see this man is precious and he has an nonoperative tumor on his spine and does not have must time left in this life. 

Trust In God again and be encouraged in this day!


"9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth" Tribute In Word for  9/11, commemorative posters are available in four versions. See 9/11 Posters.These 9/11 posters are truly 9/11 memorial posters. Read why I wrote this 9/11Tribute In Word, "9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth" as a inspirational writer as we run the race that is set before each of our lives this day.

9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth
Commemorative Posters
Part of the proceeds of these posters on this site will be donated to a 9/11 charity in memory of the ones who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.

The third version is a Congressional Commemorative Edition that is being sent to the Senators of the US and Congress as a gift and is not available for sale.

Please Help by buying a T-Shirt or Poster for this message to go out to the US Senators!
This is the Congressional Commemorative Edition that is going to the US Senators as a gift with the message to Trust In God. This Edition is not for sale and I would like to have all Senators receive this Edition as a gift. I really need help with this task. By purchasing a T-shirt or poster you would be part in sending a important message to our Senators to Trust In God. Please consider helping in this task.

Or you may write and send by mail your order (order details and prices on web store page) help get this message to "Trust In God" out to the senators, to Teryl McCormick Rodriguez, P.O. Box 2632, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688

The fourth version which is The Presidential Commemorative Edition has gone to our President of the United States President Barack Obama, Her majesty Queen Elizabeth I I, and the Prime Minister Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as gifts, in which I have received letters of gratitude from each one in which I'm honored to have received these letters! The Presidential Commemorative Edition is not available for sale it is only a gift for leaders of nations.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

We must remember what terrorism brings to a people and a nation. Evil has no face, it comes to steal, kill and destroy. We must not forget how precious life is and we must cherish life and our freedom in our nation as a people, for we are truly weaved in the fiber of life itself, one life touches another weaved in time with God's love. We must trust in God.
              ©By Teryl McCormick Rodriguez
You can reach me by email at 
P.O. Box 2632
Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688

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