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Teryl McCormick Rodriguez    

It is my pleasure to put my inspirational writing experience to work for you.

Hello, just wanted to give some information on myself as a inspirational writer, author and speaker.

As a writer and author I'm not one who has not experienced loss of loved ones, loss of property, loss and devastation. I have suffered and have lost much and have found that God has been with me even in the deepest valleys of my life. Through my own walk and experience of devastation, grief and loss in my life, God has brought me to a place in my life to reach out to others with the message of hope to trust in God. I have found that God was with me even though I could not get up, my heart was broken, my wings of life were broken, God met me right there in my devastation, grief and loss. God's love reaches through some of the most difficult and devastating places in a person's life.

My husband was caught in a terrorist attack on his life when he was captured and tortured in Turkey through a political party many years ago before he passed away. So I know the pain, sorrow, fear and loss that terrorism can bring to a family and loved ones. This is why 9/11 became such a burden to my heart touching my heart to reach out to those who lost their loved ones and their families and to bring a message of hope.

I'm a widow, mother, grandmother, friend, minister, life coach, inspirational writer, author and speaker. I have received a B.A. and a Doctor of Divinity and many certifications in my life. I have authored two books so far and have had the privilege to pen this amazing message "9/11 Wings Of Eagles Stretched Forth" in the form of commemorative posters with the message to "Trust In God."

I have had the privilege in my life to reach into the inner-cities to families and children giving hope and showing God's love to many. I have had the privilege in my life to host a radio show and TV broadcast earlier in my life reaching people with the message of God's love. I have had the privilege of having my testimony air across the world via 700 club and other networks. I have had the privilege and opportunity to train and teach others to reach out to others with God's love.

Most of all I have had the opportunity to reach out to others in their grief, loss and devastation with encouragement to Trust In God again and again.For there is healing in His wings.

We must remember what terrorism brings to a people and a nation. Evil has no face, it comes to steal, kill and destroy. We must not forget how precious life is and we must cherish life and our freedom in our nation as a people, for we are truly weaved in the fiber of life itself, one life touches another weaved in time with God's love. We must trust in God.

       ©By Teryl McCormick Rodriguez

You can reach me by email at

Or you may write me at Teryl McCormick Rodriguez, P.O. Box 2632, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688 USA.

911 Wings Of Eagles

P.O. Box 2632

Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688

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