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Beams Of Light In The Darkest Night

Beams Of Light

In The Darkest Night

©By Teryl McCormick Rodriguez


Read why and what inspired me to write this on bottom of this page!

In the dark of night

there is a light that shines bright!

If we take flight

on the beams of light!

For in the beams of light

There is no dark of night

The beams of light will lift us up from above!

With our Father's love!

For in the beams of light

There is  no dark of night

For the beams of light shine bright!

For the beams of light shine bright in the darkest night!

For in the beams of light

There is no dark of night

For in the beams of light there is life!

For the beams of light that bring life will take you to a place where there is no night!

For in the beams of light

There is no dark of night

For He is the Light that shines bright that brings life in the night!

©By Teryl McCormick Rodriguez

P.o. box 2632

Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688 USA

Why and what inspired me to write this, Beams Of Light In The Darkest Night!

 I heard of a special friend who had found out he had lung cancer terminal. I wrote a letter to him because I could not go to him as he was 3,000 miles away and finances just would not let me go.  My son Mark carried the letter to him and a cross I had worn around my neck. That was all I had to give was the cross that I had worn around my neck, some words written and my faith in God I had shared with him in the letter my faith in God, to try and encourage him and to believe in God and to trust God. I know he knew of God and would sometimes fall asleep with his bible on his chest as his sons told me. I knew he believed in God but when trials and discouragements and sickness come many wonder where God is and if He is really there. 

That week I had taken a week off from work to work on an important project 9/11 wings of eagles stretched forth! I had gotten a call from some of my sons that their father was dying and that they had flown out to Oregon to be with him. Also that the hospice bed was brought in and he was not doing well. I prayed and prayed and asked Mark if he had ever read the letter I had sent or got the cross I had sent. I had heard he had my sons Mark's cross in his pocket, which was a comfort to me.

The next morning Sunday I started out to the place where I go to pray when I'm troubled by the sea my special place of prayer. As I was driving I started to hear these words and stopped my car and wrote these words, Beams of Light In The Darkest Night! I did not understand why or what these words meant, I just wrote them down, believing God to touch Dwight and heal him. As I sat in my special place of prayer with the sea breeze and sunshine I prayed for God to spare Dwight and let him live many more years. Just then I saw a van pull up in front of me and three boys got out with their mom and fishing poles, about the size my first three boys were stepping stones. I saw the oldest help the two smaller boys get their fishing poles ready and the older one was tentative just like my Shawn was with his brothers Jason and Mark. Somehow I knew the boys were not ready for their Father to depart and I had hoped that God would spare them many more years to share. I never heard a word from God just a peace when I saw the boys helping each other.

I started to drive home and the sky was funny and looked like it was starting to storm. I stopped at a red light and looked to the side of the road where I saw bright light shinning on grass with the wind blowing it over to the side. I started to cry out to God with everything that was in  my soul asking God to heal Dwight or send an angel to him to bring salvation .

It was hours later I got the call from my sons that God had taken Dwight home. I do not understand these things but God does! God is a big God who can carry all our sorrows and griefs! Later that night I drove  to Tarpon Springs, it was thundering I could hear it off in the distance. The sky was black and I could hear thunder from a distance and just then I saw flashes of light,  beams of light in the sky in the darkest night and I knew that somehow God was speaking to me that all is well.

I'm proud of my three sons who were there with their father, who took care of him in  his final days and even slept on the floor next to him and were not far from his side and when he breathed his last breath my son Jason was their to lift the air from his face. We may talk about inheritance, there is an inheritance in heaven waiting for each of us. On this earth I'm proud of the inheritance in each of my sons it is something money can not buy. The love of God! It is available to each of us in this time before the grass withers and dyes. May God bless you! Don't waste your time, the time God has given you!For each of us there is a time set in time by God! For there is beams of light in the darkest night!

©By Teryl McCormick Rodriguez, 2011

P.O. Box 2632

Tarpons Springs, Florida 34688 USA

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